Weekly Peek #3 and a revamping rundown

First off, I switched out my paper size. I wanted to do a test to see if I would like Franklin covey size pages, and this test went swimmingly. I found I had, in my box of goodies, a Mead five star notebook (7″x5″) perforated. After the pages were torn out, they came to 4.25″ wide. I decided to leave the 7″ instead of trimming down to 6.75″.
So, now I have super easily replaceable pages. Simply tear out and hole punch.
I do have to go through and make my own set up, but I find that rather therapeutic. Although, next time I will probably invest in a date stamper, just for design sake. My handwriting is not what I wish it was.
I should probably point out that I did have to figure out a page marker solution, since the regular personal size filofax one doesn’t work with 7″ pages. But that was a simple fix as well… Cut down extra a5 page marker I had lying around. Eventually, I will be making something more dressed up. But for now I’m just glad for function…. Form will work itself out later.

As far as paper quality goes, it’s just notebook paper, but I find that I rather enjoy that.

I did switch to top and bottom tabs instead of the traditional simply for space reasons.

Anyway, here is my weekly pic. I’m very seriously considering doing a YouTube video (my first) on my current layout. Maybe tonight I get bored, and brave…. Lol who knows?



Weekly peek #2

So it’s Sunday again. That means another peek at my weekly view.

It has been a strange week for me. In random bouts of boredom, I switched around and played with different planner page styles. Just for the heck of it. But I still kept up with my week on two page view. I sifted through different tab dividers and just killed time really. I doodled, I journaled, I read, I cleaned.

I struggle to make my week feel, or seem, interesting. :/ I even went so far as to break out my tarot cards again, and do a daily reading… Just started that today actually, as you can see.
Funnily enough, my reading today tells me I should be doing more with myself. Working, playing… Doesn’t matter, I gotta get a balance in there and right now I’ve got nothing. (Anywho, that’s neither here nor there)


Next week, I have made it a goal to get out of the house just a bit each day. Whether it is for a walk, or a trip to chick fil a for some play place time for Cale, or library trips. Just something. Fingers crossed for that working out. I also have another blog post planned, kind of an update on my filofax… More of an “Oh, by the way…” Lol

Anyway… Lets see what happens in this coming week, shall we?

A week in review…

Here is my weekly peek as promised. I always love browsing the interwebs to see how others use their planners, and how they make the different page formats work for them. And over at PaperLovestory, you can always find her weekly views to be inspiring. She invited others to join in on her weekly view posts, and I’ve accepted.

So here goes:


Not as cute as others I’ve seen… But, it gets the job done without the boring black and white. This is my first time in years using the personal size format. So it’s been a bit of an experiment, to see if its suitable for me size wise.
As you can see, I’ve only been in it since Thursday. But I went through and added some doodles to New Years… I think that is what I enjoy the most. At the end of the day, I can go through and if I have space, I’ll add a little doodle that fits my day or mood.

I think for next week I’m going to have a before and after pic. So you can see how much I actually add in there.

Just a brief post today…

I have a couple of filofax updates I’ve been wanting to post, but I’m not entirely sure the order I want to post them in. Forgive the delay in that. But there is a blog I follow, and I wanted to take part in the challenge recently posted there.

Weekly, I’m thinking Sundays, I’ll post my week in review. 🙂 Maybe it will serve as inspiration to others. But I’m mostly looking to keep my posts regular.
As soon as I can figure out how I will be putting this button in my side bar.

So keep an eye out on Sunday for my “Week in review.”
Tomorrow I should have my filofax tweaking post squared away. Really hoping to be able to post that tomorrow. 🙂

Happy Friday, people! Enjoy your weekend.