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Gone too long!

3 Months since my last post… I have been slacking.

Except, I haven’t. I’ve been working my BUTT off. I have been faithfully attending Roller Derby practice. Take my hits, (and giving them). Earning my bruises, and aches… Indulging in Epsom Salt baths, and very possibly over dosing in IcyHot. 🙂

But all worth it. After all my hard work, I had my tryouts for my local roller derby team (The Rocket City Roller Girls)… and…. MADE THE TEAM!

I am now officially “Britches B. Trippin'” of RCRG! And I must say I fit into my derby persona quite well. When at Derby, if anyone calls me by my real name, I look around like, “Who’s Lindsay?” lol

I can’t really say that things have slowed down at all. Once you make the team, the REAL work begins. Now the hits are harder. The packs are tighter. The jammers are faster…. so on and on. But every practice I give 110%. Some days feel more productive then others, until the next practice, where I realize I’ve actually learned that thing I was trying so hard to accomplish last time. Yes, at some point during practice a thought hit me… “Holy crap. I’m nailing these turn around toe stops. When did that happen?”

And as I knew it would… Derby has slipped into the other parts of my life. While my husband plays video games… I browse Roller Derby Bouts on youTube. I watch San Diego Derby Dolls OVER AND OVER! I play with “boutfit” ideas. and study the rule book. I watch what I eat… (more often) lol what can I say? i’m still a sucker for a cheeseburger.
Now, I attend whichever Team events come up. And love it. If I get a chance to talk about derby I’m in heaven. Whether its promoting my team, encouraging others to try it, explaining misc rules… whatever.

Anyway, my point is… Derby is thoroughly ingrained into my life now, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I started this blog, it was partly a way to entertain myself, and also a way to keep track of the miscellaneous hobbies I tend to pick up and put down. My many projects, that I never commited to. but I am incredibly proud to say that Derby is the thing that stuck.

I still have my random interests. I still love my filofax, and working out my planner, and fiddling with scheduling, and so on. I even have a new one on the way and will be tweeking my system some more. I’m looking forward to blogging about that.

Basically… my blog is taking a new direction. It is no longer distractedwhimsy, though I will keep the title. It is now my life. My Derby life. My life in Motherhood. My filofaxing life. My journey into homeschooling my son… well, preschooling my son. we’ll see where it takes us. and maybe i will change the name of my blog. Can you do that without losing all your previous posts?

We will see.

So, thank you to anyone who has followed my blog, and is still around after my 3 month vacation. Believe me, it was no vacation. 😉

Looking forward to the future.

Lynzy AKA “Britches”