An Update on Me :)

First of all, I hadn’t checked my site stats in quite some time. So imagine my surprise when I log in and see that my all time high is 689 views! Thank you Philofaxy!

Anywho, I had intentions of writing sooner. As it is, the week is nearly over.

Not that I’ve had a particularly busy week. Hmm… I take that back.

First we got kittens. Love them. Still figuring out names. Maybe I’ll post pictures soon. Not that I want my blog to become a sad Cat Lady blog. 😉
Also got some time out of the house, with my little one. We went exploring for Franklin Covey intel. Haha… I have been playing with the idea of switching from Filofax *GasP* I know!
But, what I have learned that I’m still a true Filo-fan…. that dabbles in other inserts. hehe Anyway, that is for another post. We also explored Barnes and Nobles for some SUPER CUTE planners I saw on facebook through the Philofaxy group. No such luck for me. 😛

Other than that, I have been spending my other time catching up on housework I was behind on. Still haven’t quite managed. Heh.

In other news… I have something coming up that I am incredibly excited about. Something I’ve wanted to try for a very long time, but never had the guts.
Come Monday I will be joining in the local Roller Derby Bootcamp. I’m keeping a straight face, but I’m freaking out inside. giddy school girl jumping up and down inside kind of freaking out.

Occasionally, I have moments when I think “HOLY CRAP! what am I getting myself into?” and then in the next moment I think, “Can’t wait to kick some ass!” LoL
Its going to be a strange culture shock I think. To go from Susy homemaker to a Derby Girl with a name like Dodge Slamm, or Dixie Trippin’. hehe…

Anyway, for now that is all I have.

Wish me luck on Monday! 😉


One thought on “An Update on Me :)

  1. Ah…. we like sending the mob over to peoples sites to spike their site stats… sometimes without people realising we are coming to visit!

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