2013 Filofax Update

My friends and family, if any are following my blog, are probably concerned about me, and are very likely considering having me admitted to a rehab center for the filofax obsessed. Hehe… But you know what… I’m not really bothered by that. I love them, and they love me. And I’m not forcing them to read my blogs. So really, the only ones who do find themselves visiting frequently are probably just as “Filo-obsessed” as I am. 🙂

Anyway, for today, I’m just doing an update on how my metropol is working for me, and the set up I’ve finally settled with. Now, you’ve already seen her in my book journal post. But, here is a pic of her now for good measure.

(any ideas on what I should name her? I’m thinking Rosie. Actually, it just came to me now.)

Anyway, I’ve been using the week on two pages. I was right in thinking that it wouldn’t have enough room for my todo’s each day, so I tried two days per page for like a day and a half, and just didn’t like not being able to see the whole week. So I ended up with a blank note page in the middle of my WO2Pg. For my to do list. It has actually turned out way more practical, because I don’t always get things done on the day I want them done, and it was going to get really messy moving things to the next day. Now I just fill out my weekly tasks, and move anything to the next week if it doesn’t get done.


Other than that, I’ve just moved some lists around and such, but that’s not very important. I do have a couple pics to add, for the sake if adding. 😉
The first is my cover page. Found it in a Martha Stewart magazine, and it fit me.


Then we have a card that I cut into a tab divider. It’s cute.


Another divider, also from the Martha Stewart magazine, although this time I just glued it right to the divider.


I’m slowly changing up my dividers as I’m coming across things I like. My tab sections are still up in the air. For now I have a list section, and a journaling section, and a novel section (with notes for a book I’m writing) but that’s about it…. I know it will work itself out.
And that is all I have for you tonight.

Hope it was worth the read. 🙂


4 thoughts on “2013 Filofax Update

  1. Really cute dividers, how difficult was it to make those? Looks great! mine is still pretty empty and I can’t work on it until I get home.

  2. I love the dividers so far. I love the fact you can keep changing pictures etc to suit content or character.
    How are you enjoying American Gods? I’m looking forward to the review!

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