First YouTube video ever!

Just wanted to let everyone know I did my first YouTube video. A look at how my planner works for me. Please keep in mind that it is my first, and I hope to get better with practice. 🙂

Walk through my filofax!



Lessons in Roller Derby

Surprise, surprise. A post that has practically nothing to do with Filofax. I say practically, because I have a hunch I will throw something in somewhere. Lol
Anywho… I’ve toyed with the idea of posting updates on how my Roller Derby adventure goes… And I decided to just jump right in. I’ve chosen Tuesdays for my weekly Derby updates, because practice/boot camp is on Mondays. So, I’ll get most of Tuesday to relax, recoup, and reflect. 🙂

This past Monday was only my second visit. And unfortunately, I only made it through about half. My husband had to work, and I have yet to find a babysitter for my little sprout. The ladies at derby were nice enough to let me bring him, but it wasn’t not easy to focus. And I caught myself turning to peek at him every few minutes.
In the end, this was probably best. (Having to leave early, I mean.)
Some where between my first derby boot camp and the second, I wrenched a muscle in my thigh REALLY good. Isn’t it funny? Don’t even have to be on skates to bust something. Lol.

I knew when it happened it wasn’t going to be fun. I bent over backwards to get it back in derby condition before Monday, but it was no good. My first one knee fall, and the pain hit me pretty good.
I cannot begin to tell you how disappointing it is. I finally find the thing that I’ve needed for so long, and BAM! I’ve got to slow down, and take care of muscle’s. But it’s ok! Because I’ve learned some stuff.

1) Epsom salt = worth it’s weight in gold.
2) Ace bandages = not just for ankles!
3) Aspirin = my new best friend

Tips for noobs:
Stretch like your life depends on it. Before and after, daily in between work outs. Keep your muscles loose.
And, Fall like nobody is watching. (A little cheesy, but seriously… No one is judging you for falling. If anything there is a sense of pride. You fell and you got back up, way to go. Now do it again.)

That’s all I will post for this week. There is tons more… But I’ll pace myself. 😉

Weekly peek #4 a day late

I actually did this yesterday, and somehow lost it… It was confusing and frustrating.

But, here I am again today to start over. 🙂
My pic this week:


Between running all over for roller derby, renew drivers license, and my birthday dinner, house cleaning catchup… It’s been a busy week.

I’m also trying a new journaling technique. I added another week on two pages and write just a bit each day. I’m enjoying it. But will probably alter that later on, when I have some down time.

Ta Da!

Weekly Peek #3 and a revamping rundown

First off, I switched out my paper size. I wanted to do a test to see if I would like Franklin covey size pages, and this test went swimmingly. I found I had, in my box of goodies, a Mead five star notebook (7″x5″) perforated. After the pages were torn out, they came to 4.25″ wide. I decided to leave the 7″ instead of trimming down to 6.75″.
So, now I have super easily replaceable pages. Simply tear out and hole punch.
I do have to go through and make my own set up, but I find that rather therapeutic. Although, next time I will probably invest in a date stamper, just for design sake. My handwriting is not what I wish it was.
I should probably point out that I did have to figure out a page marker solution, since the regular personal size filofax one doesn’t work with 7″ pages. But that was a simple fix as well… Cut down extra a5 page marker I had lying around. Eventually, I will be making something more dressed up. But for now I’m just glad for function…. Form will work itself out later.

As far as paper quality goes, it’s just notebook paper, but I find that I rather enjoy that.

I did switch to top and bottom tabs instead of the traditional simply for space reasons.

Anyway, here is my weekly pic. I’m very seriously considering doing a YouTube video (my first) on my current layout. Maybe tonight I get bored, and brave…. Lol who knows?


An Update on Me :)

First of all, I hadn’t checked my site stats in quite some time. So imagine my surprise when I log in and see that my all time high is 689 views! Thank you Philofaxy!

Anywho, I had intentions of writing sooner. As it is, the week is nearly over.

Not that I’ve had a particularly busy week. Hmm… I take that back.

First we got kittens. Love them. Still figuring out names. Maybe I’ll post pictures soon. Not that I want my blog to become a sad Cat Lady blog. 😉
Also got some time out of the house, with my little one. We went exploring for Franklin Covey intel. Haha… I have been playing with the idea of switching from Filofax *GasP* I know!
But, what I have learned that I’m still a true Filo-fan…. that dabbles in other inserts. hehe Anyway, that is for another post. We also explored Barnes and Nobles for some SUPER CUTE planners I saw on facebook through the Philofaxy group. No such luck for me. 😛

Other than that, I have been spending my other time catching up on housework I was behind on. Still haven’t quite managed. Heh.

In other news… I have something coming up that I am incredibly excited about. Something I’ve wanted to try for a very long time, but never had the guts.
Come Monday I will be joining in the local Roller Derby Bootcamp. I’m keeping a straight face, but I’m freaking out inside. giddy school girl jumping up and down inside kind of freaking out.

Occasionally, I have moments when I think “HOLY CRAP! what am I getting myself into?” and then in the next moment I think, “Can’t wait to kick some ass!” LoL
Its going to be a strange culture shock I think. To go from Susy homemaker to a Derby Girl with a name like Dodge Slamm, or Dixie Trippin’. hehe…

Anyway, for now that is all I have.

Wish me luck on Monday! 😉

Weekly peek #2

So it’s Sunday again. That means another peek at my weekly view.

It has been a strange week for me. In random bouts of boredom, I switched around and played with different planner page styles. Just for the heck of it. But I still kept up with my week on two page view. I sifted through different tab dividers and just killed time really. I doodled, I journaled, I read, I cleaned.

I struggle to make my week feel, or seem, interesting. :/ I even went so far as to break out my tarot cards again, and do a daily reading… Just started that today actually, as you can see.
Funnily enough, my reading today tells me I should be doing more with myself. Working, playing… Doesn’t matter, I gotta get a balance in there and right now I’ve got nothing. (Anywho, that’s neither here nor there)


Next week, I have made it a goal to get out of the house just a bit each day. Whether it is for a walk, or a trip to chick fil a for some play place time for Cale, or library trips. Just something. Fingers crossed for that working out. I also have another blog post planned, kind of an update on my filofax… More of an “Oh, by the way…” Lol

Anyway… Lets see what happens in this coming week, shall we?

On a more personal note…

I’m going a tad stir crazy. Being a stay at home mom is tough. It gets really boring playing with a toddler all day 24/7… And before anyone starts in with the “how can you say that? Children are a gift…” And yadda yadda. I would like to point out. I know that. I believe that. I wouldn’t change my life for anything. Actually, that isn’t entirely true. If I could change anything, it would be me.
I would replace the introvert parts of me. I would give myself some more giddy up. I’d make myself more comfortable with trying new things. That way I would have gone to the playgroup I found on and I would have made it to the library storytime, and so on.

I put these things in my planner, but when the time comes I find a reason not to go. The sad part is that half the reason I don’t go is because I don’t feel like pretending. Pretending I’m enjoying something I’m not, or pretending to agree with different parenting styles that I think are freaking ridiculous. I don’t feel like putting on make up to seem like I have it together. Most days, you’re lucky to get a smile about being awake before 7 am. Coffee doesn’t cut it, and my uber caffeinated tea doesn’t either.
Often I feel like waking up to see my sons smiling face should be reason enough to get up in the mornings… But truthfully… He doesn’t always wake up smiling. There are days when he’s a cranky butt, and I have to grin and bear it. Tell myself over and over that its a phase. Or that once he’s talking it will be easier to understand why he’s so mad about everything. Sometimes, he’ll be in that mood and I will be in a great mood and his mood can’t phase me. Other times, I hide in the bathroom and cry because I’m tired. I am a tired mom. Not always. But I have those days. Then my hubby comes home and I cry on his shoulder and he reminds me that I’m not the only tired mother.
And maybe that is the point of this post. To tell those other tired mothers… I’m tired too.
That is, I hope there are other tired mothers out there. It’s a terrible feeling when your kid exhausts you, and that voice in head convinces you that you are inadequate.

So I guess a belated New Years resolution is to get out more. This one will be hard for me, as I get so down on myself and never want to do anything. And it’s not really fair to my son. So! Come Friday (the next story time at the library) my son and I will be there. If it kills me. 😉

PS. As I stated in the beginning of this post, this is a personal post. None of these things are entirely easy to talk about, and if you have anything judgmental to say keep it to yourself. I am judgmental enough of myself. But I think it will help in a strange way to put it out in the open like this.