Christmas presents! Yay!

I’m so excited! For Christmas, my sweet hubby indulged my filofax obsession! I got a A5 magenta filofax flex… And since it arrived, I have been tweaking it here and there… And it’s finished. Mostly. 😉 (fellow filofax enthusiasts will tell you that a filofax is never finished. It is a work in progress.)

Now, I considered doing an unboxing post for you. But I’ve seen those out there. Instead I’m just going to jump in and show you how I’m making it work for me. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I browsed and browsed, but I couldn’t find anything on how it was working out for people and so on.
Lets get to it, shall we?

Already, I find myself trying to slim her down. As it stands, she is roughly the same size as my previous Filofax, though she holds SO much more. (Yes… She. Behold the glorious pink color.)
In the next pic, you get just an open view. Lays flat perfectly.
Here I have my master list. None of these have deadlines,and I generally make my daily to do list out of things from this. On the inside cover, I’ll put my shopping list on the post it notes.

Next you’ll see my daily section, I’ve decided each page into two days per page, in the 256 pg notebook.

Leaving room for my tweaked version of Flylady routines. (Daily and Weekly) for my around the house routines…

Here is my weekly view. In the note section, I designate my menu planning. Instead of writing a meal on a set day, I just make a list, and cross them out as I make them. And I use this to keep track of appointments and work schedules, etc.

More pics, just because. 🙂

The third notebook is my writing notebook. I like having with me at all times, because quite randomly a thought will strike me about a book I’m writing, or even a potential book I could write. And I have to put it somewhere.

Additional thoughts:
I do love these notebooks. The paper quality is wonderful, and well… Any notebook/journal thing is lovely. 🙂 And the flexibility of the Flex is pretty awesome!

I already know what few things I will be changing around a bit… But these are on the back burner for now, as they just aren’t that big of a deal.
I’m eventually going to switch the notebooks to moleskine planners. Which is one of the upsides of the flex. I don’t have to search as much for papers that will fit… I can pretty much stick anything 5×8 in there. Anyway. Eventually, I will be using a moleskine soft cover day per page planner, the soft cover weekly + notes planner, and the volante journals (for a dash of color) for my around the house routines and writing notebooks. My reason for wanting these is the width of these journals. The soft cover makes for easier maneuvering when sliding the notebooks in, and they are much thinner than what you get from filofax. Some may argue the paper quality. But that’s the beauty of this whole thing… I get to do it my way. It’s the Burger King of planners!

Anyway… Sorry if I bored you. But someone out there will enjoy this. LoL I just know it.


One thought on “Christmas presents! Yay!

  1. I enjoyed it! looks so cute and lovely 🙂 I just got my first filofax, used to use moleskine… really interesting to see how other people agonize over the same decisions too!

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