Filofax after Friday!

A brief introduction to one of my little fancies…
I absolutely love all things stationary. I write constantly, and if I’m not writing I am planning on it. Or planning something. I am constantly making lists, and organizing and reorganizing my thoughts.

But this past year, I ventured into the world of Filofax. I bought my first ever, the Sketch (a5) in chocolate. It was what I could afford, but a little dull for my taste. So… I did what Ido best. I tweaked it. 😉
I painted the synthetic fabric with a metallic peridot green. It is quite pretty. Now it was green with brown faux leather. I loved it. Still do actually. (Pictured below)
Then I faced the dilemma every Filo-lover faces. The weight/bulkiness of the A5. I brought the thing with me everywhere.
I faced this challenge head on, and found yet another creative solution. I turned my Sketch into a purse. Really simple actually. I simply ran a belt through the rings, and hung it over my shoulder. Later on, I changed this out for some pretty matching ribbon.
Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the purse version. Maybe in another post.

And now… The obsession continues. I waited all year for the Christmas holidays to take advantage of discounts. And I unfortunately missed the one I had hoped for. My dream filofax, currently, is the A5 raspberry finsbury. I have big plans for this one. Looking forward to the purse conversion. Alas, those plan will have to wait. But, the time will not be wasted. My hubby has ordered the magenta filofax flex for my Christmas present, and I am so looking forward to more tweaking, and projects.



2 thoughts on “Filofax after Friday!

  1. I recently bought my first Filofax too. In A5, but then I had to buy a bigger handbag to carry it around in! I tossed out the diary inserts it came with too- they are so plain! I have been looking at personal size Filofaxes a LOT on the internet but I am determined to be a ‘one Filo girl’!

    • The past few days, I have had a filofax headache. The a5 has just given me fits over finding decent inserts, especially here in the US.

      For an experiment, I’ve switched things around and am using my personal metropol. I never got into the personal before, because the size just wasn’t big enough for what I use my planner for. But… Actually, after to switching… My aggravation is gone. So it may be that I’m a personal size kind of girl after all. 🙂
      But that is for another post later on.

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