Hello… Is this thing on?

So… Am I supposed to be clever? Am I supposed to keep you, whoever you are, entertained? Am I supposed to let you in on my deep dark secrets? Or, wow you with the awesome things I can do? Share my wild and crazy adventures with you?

Yeah, well, that will probably not happen.

All I know is that sometimes, I wanna put my thoughts out there. I wanna share the random things I do, ideas I have, whims that strike… and strike they do.

You know, one day I can be obsessing over a TV show (Dr. Who, presently) and the next I’ll decide I’m going to go old fashioned and sleep with my hair in curlers overnight. Just because.
I go through spurts of obsessions. My husband calls it the 2 week rule. Every 2 weeks or so a new passion kicks in, a new idea, a new hobby. Actually, its probably just an ignored case of ADD. And why try to treat something that is so much fun? I mean, really. There’s never a dull moment. And… my little obsessions, my distractions… They are on this sort of Lazy Susan in my mind. If I move on to another thing, it will come back around eventually. So, my passions and whims are always with me. I think its my whims as a whole that make up who I am.

So what do I see in the future of this blog? A trip for you, dear reader, on my lazy susan. 🙂

Hmm… Imagine that. There you are… innocently wandering along the interwebs, and somehow, by complete accident, you set foot on my Lazy Susan and there you go whirling around with my random obsessions.

So, I guess, all I can say to you is… Enjoy the ride!



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